„Entrepreneur is not a job title. It is the mindset of people,
who want to change the future.“
(Guy Kawasaki)

Start-up Initiative

Our Offer

Are you a researcher at the Max Planck Society and have a great, new scientific discovery and are interested in understanding how you can develop it into a product or service?
Let’s explore together how your research can be the basis for a forward-looking company.

Since 2021, MPF has supported spin-offs of scientists from MPIs. Together with the members of the MAXpreneurs initiative, we offer founders from the Max Planck Society our support at the highest level free of charge.

In accordance with Max Planck’s ideas: “Application must be preceded by recognition”, the team of the MPF Start-up Initiative helps to evaluate the possibilities of transforming your research results into a practical application, helps to develop a roadmap for the development of your idea and thus lays a foundation for a successful spin-off.

We have a broad network of first-class partners who are among the best in their respective fields. Their expertise and resources are at your disposal to turn your vision into reality.

As a private sponsor with an interest in the topic of spin-offs from basic research, you are also welcome to contact us!

Discover the offer of the MAXpreneurs partners here:

→ The Start-up Journey →
(Version as of April 2024)



From Science to Innovation. Introducing the World of Entrepreneurship to scientists.

Goal: Inspiration and Motivation


  • Games Week and Entrepreneurial Career Development
  • Start-up Days
    • Talks with experienced MP-Founders
  • Scouting for Technologies and IP-Opportunities
  • Workshops “Science Next Level
    • Needs-based insights, e.g. as part of the PhD retreats and events
  • MPF Start-up School
    • Introduction into the field of entrepreneurship
    • Tools for the development of application scenarios
    • Get to know all relevant people and processes within the MPG
    • Networking with like-minded people



Transfer of an invention into an initial Business Idea.

Goal: Commitment and Qualification


  • Start-up Club
    • Individual mentoring
    • Learning methods for:
      • Business modeling using BMC
      • Initial analysis of the market and competitive environment
      • Competence analysis and team building
    • Coach matching with the Max-Planck-Innovation Ltd.
  • Digital Start-up Academy
    • Expanding entrepreneurial knowledge at own pace



Validation of customer need and Business Model. Establish a complementary team.

Goal: Preparation for the operational start of the business


  • MAX!mize Program
    • Implementation of individual start-up idea
    • Development of a viable business model
    • Enhancement of presentation- and communication skills
  • Individual Coaching, Tech Transfer and Clearing Process
    • Preparation for successful operational start and the MPF Accelerator program
    • Establishing the capability of scaling up your business
  • Investor Day


Start-up & Scale-up

100% focus on Start-up. Getting ready for market entry. Company Building.

Goal: Support to build a sustainable and scalable company


  • Intensive Mentoring
  • MPF Accelerator program
    • Provision of a convertible loan
    • Establishment of a relevant network
    • Mentoring: contact and knowledge transfer
    • Design of an MVP/scalable product
    • Team building
    • Preparation for VC round
  • MI Portfolio management
    • Ongoing support by management
    • Support with fundraising
    • Support with exit
    • Representation of the MPG as a shareholder

Contact us if you would like to put your research into practice, if you would like us to support you with our services at an event or if you are simply curious about the topic of start-ups.

We can supplement this offering with topic-specific workshops and keynotes at your institute if you wish – for example, at retreats, conferences, or cross-institute events.