Start-up Initiative


The Start-Up Journey of the Maxpreneurs Initiative consists of the phases: Science, Ideation, Pre-Founding and Start-up & Scale-up. In the Ideation phase, we want to give you the appropriate know-how for your beginning journey as a founder.

  • Are you inspired for a potential spin-off but feel too unprepared to actually go the distance?
  • Do you not have a team yet or your team is too small and/or your understanding of the market and the competitive situation is not yet satisfactory?

Become part of our Start-up Club: you (and your potential team) will go through three, essential for a successful start-up, qualification workshops in two days:

  • Basics of Business Administration: Learn about the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Market & Competition: Analyze your potential business environment.
  • MPF-Business Model Canvas: Develop your first business model.
  • Process Management: Define and visualize your processes.

Through these workshops, we lay the foundation for your venture and prepare you in the best possible way for the next steps towards spin-off.

Is your founding team not yet complete? As part of our Co-Founder Matching, we will work with you to strengthen your founding team!

The following events are planned for 2024:

  • January 2024
  • May 2024
  • September 2024
  • January 2025

I hereby bindingly register for participation in the Start-up Club:

In the next step, we would like to hand you over to the individual, personal coaching of the experienced start-up coaches of Max Planck Innovation