Start-up Initiative


The Start-Up Journey of the Maxpreneurs Initiative consists of the phases: Science, Ideation, Pre-Founding and Start-up & Scale-up. In the Ideation phase, we want to provide you with the relevant know-how for your beginning journey as a founder.

  • Are you inspired for a potential spin-off but feel too unprepared to actually go the distance?
  • Do you not have a team yet or your team is too small and/or your understanding of the market and the competitive situation is not yet satisfactory?
  • Would you like to know which methodology you can use to develop a potential business model for your project and gain an overview of the necessary process steps?

Become part of our Start-up Club: Over the course of two days, you (and your potential team) will go through various qualification workshops that are essential for a successful start-up:

  • Basics of Business Administration: Learn about the world of business administration with a focus on your start-up.
  • Market & Competition: Learn about tools you can use to analyze your potential business environment.
  • MPF Business Model Canvas: Develop a potential business model using the Business Model Canvas technique.
  • Process Management: Define and visualize processes for your potential business model using the process chain management methodology.
  • Lead Customer: How do I acquire my first customers and conduct successful interviews with them?

The MPF Start-up Club supplements this face-to-face program with a further workshop on the topic of “Personality & Team Assessment” to evaluate your own founder personality and define existing and missing team skills. This is organized in consultation with the participants.

These workshops lay the foundation for your project and prepare you in the best possible way for the next steps towards your spin-off.

The Max-Planck-Foundation supports your participation by covering your travel expenses.

Events are planned for the following periods:

  • 14.10. – 15.10.2024, Munich
  • 09.12. – 10.12.2024, Potsdam
  • May 2025
  • September 2025

I hereby bindingly register for participation in the MPF Start-up Club:

In the next step, we would like to hand you over to the individual, personal coaching of the experienced start-up coaches of the Max-Planck-Innovation Ltd.